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Our mission

To empower people to discover their real potential and purpose and live life with clarity, certainty and confidence.

Our vision

To see the world where everyone can achieve alignment with their thoughts, desires and actions and live a purposeful life.

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The people you are associated with will impact the quality of your life and the direction of your future. So choose to surround yourself with people who are positive, action oriented and with a growth mindset.


I had no idea what is going to happen before I join Y square Education program, I’m so glad I made
the right decision to invest in myself learning and growth, now I feel peace with myself, it enables me to build trustful relationship with people around me especially my parents.


 I have always struggling with being truly confidence with myself, and I found Y square education program is very practical, simple and effective to shift my mental state, I finally feel comfortable to stand out and shine and be comfortable with my own skin. Thank you. 


Y Square education Program and personal guidance give me the strength to walk away from
something which did not serve me, now I can set myself free from the toxic relationship and love and appreciate myself on a deeper level.


l believes there is always room for improve in life. I choose to take opportunity to learn more what  how to develop myself into a better human, better father and better leader and thank you for the program that I have the full clarity to live my life to the fullest with meaning.


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