Our Journey

Meet Ying

Ying is an intuitive leader and healer for the awakened entrepreneurs. She is the founder of Y Square Education, which helps awakened entrepreneurs to build a heart-centered business with flow and joy through online platforms.

Ying has degrees both in nursing and psychology, and she has dedicated more than a decade to research and teaching human behaviors and psychology, helping people to overcome personal blockage and achieve more fulfillment and clarity in life. Ying is also a leading expert in clinical psychology, emotional intelligence and communication skills. 


With more than 15,000 hours of working and consulting with clients and organizations, she realizes that most of the spiritual entrepreneurs are struggling with exactly who they serve and they also experience over-giving, being undervalued and under-receiving. Therefore, Ying is mentoring and guiding awakened entrepreneurs to build heart-centered business online with joy and flow. She has combined Eastern philosophy and quantum physics in her teaching which gives her program a very unique approach with her clients and students. 


Ying has run almost 250 seminars and workshops in the last 5 years across the country. She guides clients to find clarity within their mission and supports clients aligned with their action with their vision to co-create the reality.

Meet Jade

Jade Jing is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, a Leading Business Strategist, Coach and Activator.

She helps and guides people to find the aligned clarity, create and serve with their flow, and actualise their dream life and scalable business with abundance and joy.


After graduating from Cambridge, she accumulated unique experiences that combined academics, corporate as well as entrepreneurship, and became a heart-centered business mentor &  coach with a BIG dream.  At the age of 34, Jade has gained valuable lessons from her own business, worked in Fortune 500s, medium size companies as well as start-up companies in 8 industries. She worked and lived in the UK, Hong Kong, China, and Australia and helped many entrepreneurs to utilise what they are best at and achieve maximum fulfilment and excitement with plenty of clients and wealth. 


For the past 5 years, she has been sharing, impacting and coaching people through her online business with more than 200 videos of 100K video on her Youtube channel.


With a passion to change lives by empowering and inspiring online entrepreneurs, Jade will help you to ‘do the work you love and earn what you deserve!’